Diamond Grinding Discs

  1. Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Shoe

    Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Shoe is utilized for removing coatings from different materials. It is also applied for smoothening surfaces of marble, granite, and sandstone. This grinding shoe is capable of working with soft, loose, hard and porous concrete. It is also ideal for rough, fine, and finished grinding processes. This shoe is designed having trapezium shape with two abrasive segments as a working assembly.
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  2. Polishing Buff

    Polishing Buff is designed for polishing concrete, marble, granite and stone floors to achieve supreme surface finish. It can also be used for smoothening cut edges of hard surface. One important feature of this buff is that it can be utilized on both dry & wet surface. It has a diamond coated pad for efficient grade polishing. This buff is completely suitable for working with automatic, single head, & manual machines.
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  3. Diamond Grinding Disc

    Diamond Grinding Disc is designed having a wheel like structure installed with metal bonded diamond abrasive tool at the diameter and several holes in between. It is used for grinding marble, concrete, tile and different types of rocks. This disc has large grinding segments treated with steel body. It is greatly admired for its sturdiness and compatibility with various heavy duty applications. This disc is known to have better heat dissipation ability.
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  4. Steel Turbo Type Grinding Wheel

    Steel Turbo Type Grinding Wheel is comprised of numerous sections of curve shaped abrasive segments in its edge. Those segments are made of premium grade particles of powdered metals and diamond. It is most commonly utilized in construction and furniture manufacturing industries for smoothening the surfaces of workpieces to impart glossy finish. This grinding wheel can also be used for buffing floors, kitchen slabs, and stone made almirah segments.
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  5. Metal Bonded Grinding Disc

    Metal Bonded Grinding Disc is used by installing on automatic line, single head, and manual polishing machines. It is utilized for grinding marble floor & slabs in an efficient way. This disc works by removing the coating on the surface thereby imparting an attractive finish. It is comprised of a metal bonded transition layer and a working layer having diamond particles. This disc is designed having a circular structure attached with cutting segments on the area provided.
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