Diamond Cup Wheel

  1. Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

    Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel is a high quality of diamond tool for carrying out various industrial operations. It is ideal for heavy workloads & rough grindings operations. This cup wheel is required for dry grinding of concrete and masonry materials in order to smooth uneven surfaces. It is manufactured in a highly technological way using hot or cold pressing methods. This cup wheel is also used for removing coatings of paints and epoxy from workpieces.
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  2. Diamond Swirling Turbo Cup Wheel

    Diamond Swirling Turbo Cup Wheel is extensively used for rough masonry and concrete surface. It has been made using high-quality engineered and military-grade steel to assure its strong and sturdy construction. This wheel is highly appreciated for its vibration-free nature during application. The diamond grit in this wheel is sharp that ensures its excellent performance. It is designed having a circular structure inclined from the center, and have attached grinding assemblies on the diameter.
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  3. Diamond Double Row Cup Wheel

    Diamond Double Row Cup Wheel is a type of metal bonded tool which is cold pressed on an alloy made wheel body. It is mounted on a concrete grinder for working on abrasive workpieces including concrete, limestone, granite, marble, & RCC structures. This wheel is easy to use and simple to install without any expert supervision. It is also known for having light weight, compact design, and good rust resistance.
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